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1 month ago

Bisley Gun Club
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Firstly, Happy New Year to you all!
Thank you to our members who supported the club this weekend during this difficult lockdown period and making sure that we were able to stick to the government rules.
A special well done to Janine Travers for shooting her first 25!
We will be carrying on with the current format (100/50 practice slots). We are very much looking forward to resuming our registered shoots once we are able to safely!


Good afternoon
We’re not ones to be defeated with the latest lockdown news!
We’ve been putting together some ideas this morning so that we can all at least have something to look forward to.
We will not be taking bookings for our normal registered shoots on the 2/3rd January unless the current restrictions change.
The plan is that we will be offering slots for practice for two people per layout (30 min slots to shoot 50 clays, or 1hr slots for 100 clays) – These will all be for BOOKINGS only and you will need to pay in advance.
We will be adding some flash clays – so if you manage to shoot one of these, you will be the lucky winner of a coffee and cake (and trust me, it’ll be worth it!)
Obviously if you are feeling unwell or have any COVID-19 symptoms please do not visit us, no matter how mild the symptoms. We have also put in place COVID Secure procedures throughout the club. Please adhere to these. We respectfully ask that you maintain social distancing at all times and practice regular hand hygiene throughout your time at the club.
Please check your local restrictions before travelling to us (Bisley – currently Tier 4). Govt restrictions link below
Find out the coronavirus restrictions in your local area


Winter Series Flyer is now on our main page. Sponsored by Eley.


As you all know from Tom’s announcement last night – he and Caroline are both leaving us at BGC after the next shoot (18th October).
We would like to thank Tom and Caroline immensely for all their hard work at the Club and being an integral part of turning the club back around to where it is now and wish them both the very, very best for the future. We will still see them around I’m sure as Tom can now focus on enjoying his shooting with no distractions ?
Which brings us to the next piece of news.
We are very pleased to announce that we have found a very capable couple to take over the role from the weekend of the 31st October/1st November – Bob & Jo Clarke. Bob is a very experienced shooter, knows his stuff and has a lot to bring to the club and will be taking over the running of the traps, maintenance and making sure our shoots run smoothly going forwards. Jo his wife is an accomplished cook and will be taking over in the kitchen.
Oh, let’s not forget to welcome their gorgeous Sussex Spaniels – Doris, Reginald and Florence ?
Thank you once again to Tom & Caroline for all you’ve done and welcome to Bob & Jo.
We have some news coming up about our Winter Series – starting 1st November! Watch this space! It’s all go at the moment!

1st JUNE 2020

Good evening!

In line with the CPSA’s announcement this afternoon – we are happy to confirm that we will be holding Registered shoots on Saturday and Sunday (this weekend coming)

However, we will be keeping squads to a minimum – which will be 4-man squads.

Please check our website for the squad layouts. Each squad will have 1hr 15mins to shoot 100 targets. You will shoot 50, then the trap will be re-loaded and then the second 50. Also please note – you will be staying on the same layout for the full shoot. Please make sure you bring enough cartridges to the stand to avoid people going back and forth to their cars.

Please read the information below… it is really important we stick to these guidelines.

We will have 4 man squads plus a Referee on each stand

All entries must be booked AND paid for in advance and please make sure you do not have any symptoms of CV19 or in your household.

Please adhere to social distancing AT ALL TIMES.

Please go to your designated area to wait to shoot at least 5 minutes before you are due on. Please do not all group up together and wait for the previous squad to come off the stand before going towards it.

No score cards are to be touched by shooters at any time. The Referee will hang on to the score cards and after you have shot at your stand, you must verbally confirm your score with the Referee before you leave the stand. The Referee’s decision and score marked is final.

All squads start on Peg 1 and shoot the course in order. When leaving Peg 5 you must go behind the Referee and away from the other shooters to go to Peg 1.

When you have finished shooting, please leave the ground. This is to avoid crowds and any social distancing issues.

We will not be doing ‘competition shoots’ with prize money at this time.

Please work with us. We are all going through the same thing and if we work together and stick to social distancing – the sooner we get to go back to the new ‘normal’

All bookings need to go through Janine (email or text or call 07713 762928)

Good news – Caroline will be serving refreshments including snacks AND Sandwiches

There will be no access into the clubhouse except for the toilet (only one person at a time)



Bear with us! This is a long one.

Please read to the end – it is vital we comply with Government guidelines!

You will all be pleased to know Bisley Gun Club will be open from the weekend of the 30/31st May. We will still be operating on the 1st, 3rd and 5th weekends of the month as per usual.

We will have our two layouts open for DTL as per usual with 2 people per squad for a minimum of 100 targets each person (These are not registered shoots). Each squad will have an hour to shoot. You will need to be waiting to shoot in the pre-designated area at least 5 minutes before your booked slot, so that you start on time.

Please note – booking is for MEMBERS only at this stage.

We will have someone scoring your shoot for you and we will publish these scores on our website/Facebook page so you can all see how you did on the day.

However, we have a whole new system in place to comply with the Government guidelines.

WE ARE TAKING ADVANCE BOOKINGS ONLY FOR BOTH DAYS – this includes Saturdays. To avoid any embarrassment, please do not turn up without a booking.

Booking times are as follows:-


ALL BOOKINGS ARE TO GO THROUGH JANINE ONLY. This is to avoid any confusion or doubling up – as obviously numbers are limited!

All bookings will need to be paid for in advance. We are not taking any cash payments for shooting. If you fail to turn up on time, then unfortunately you forfeit your place.

You will appreciate there are only limited slots available and we want to make sure we are able to fit in as many of you as possible. Cancellation is free up to 24 hours before your allotted booking – although any cancellation after this will incur a 50% charge. There will be no refunds if you do not turn up for your allocated timeslot.


We have a lot of guidelines that need to be upheld. This will be very different to the usual set up. Please remember that everyone’s safety is paramount – and we urge you to adhere to the following:-

The clubhouse will be closed

Please arrive at Bisley Gun Club no more than 15 minutes before your shooting slot. Parking will be as normal. However, please stay in your car until 5 minutes before your allotted time slot where you will make your way to the marked out area in front of the layout you are shooting on.

You will not need to book in on the day as you will have already paid upfront. We will make sure we keep track of who is on the ground at any time.

We will have a one way system in place to the clubhouse – this will only be for access to the kitchen window where Caroline will be serving take away drinks and snacks – and is accepting CASH only.

The toilets will be open but there will only be one person allowed in at a time. You will need to go to the back of the clubhouse and through the door there. The toilets will have the relevant hand wash and hand sanitisers with regular checks.

Maximum groups of TWO and please remember at all times, the TWO METRE DISTANCING RULING APPLIES – please make sure you adhere to this. If you are unable to comply with this, you will be politely asked to leave.

Please do not congregate around a stand. There will be a marked out area where you are to wait for your turn onto the stand.

Hand Sanitisers will be available to be used around the ground. Please feel free to use them and please wash your hands once you have finished shooting.

Please use your common sense and think of others around you. 

Tom and myself will be monitoring the situation at all times and we urge you to work with us – as we need to make sure we are following all the correct guidelines to ensure we can stay open – we appreciate your co-operation.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bookings – please text or call Janine 07713 762928 or email
(Please check the booking form on our website first – and let me know what slot you would like)



Hi all,

Bisley Gun Club will be re-opening on Saturday 30th May.

As you all know, the club is only open on the 1st, 3rd and 5th (when applicable) weekend of every month. That would normally mean that given the new guidelines provided by the CPSA and the government, we would be open this coming weekend. However, we are not in a position to be able to adhere to the social distancing guidelines and do not want to open until we are completely and comfortably ready to do so.

We have been working with Richie and his team at the NCSC to ensure we are all working in complete compliance with government and CPSA guidelines.

We will be offering more information on how our new restrictions and rules will be implemented in the next week, so keep your eyes peeled!

Stay safe everyone in these odd times… we will update you shortly.

Any queries, please call Janine 07713 762928 or email