21st January 2018

Shoot Reports and Full Results


Another great weekend at our club, where, surprisingly, C class shooters and former C class shooters took much of the credit. First mention must go to 13 year old C class shooter Ben Killian, who shot at our ground for the first time, and showed his dad up, beating him by one point. A terrific 97/281 by Ben included a fifty straight in the middle 50 of his day. We owe you a badge Ben!! And we are very sure you will be in the top echelons of the sport in time!

Stewart Kirk is a former C class shooter, recently moved up, who was top of the shop on Saturday with a personal best 99/ 291. Well done Stewart! Terrific to see your progression.

Sunday was not quite blizzard conditions, but plenty of snow present. At least the wind abated!

High Gun went to the perfect shooting of Chris Pearce, with 100/300. Chris is shooting in C class, has only shot at our ground four times, all of which have been in the last two months, and has only shot Down The Line those four times since 2004. Absolutely incredible performance Chris!!

AA class and A class were both taken by Gloucestershire colleagues Shaun Porter and Ian Coley respectively. Shaun hit 99/291 to win AA, and Ian hit 98/293 to win A class. Well done both!

B class was jointly claimed by Bob Ryan and Dave Amos on 285, and C class was won by Tam Cochrane on 94/267.

Thank you all for braving the weather and keeping those faces smiling!