28/29th April 2018

Shoot Reports and Full Results


Whilst the top guns were struggling a little with the conditions, a couple of shooters shone through with some PB’s this weekend.

Peter Wilcox shot a personal best 98/284 on Sunday to win C class and thus picked up the C class trophy for the day! Great to see your shooting progress after some tough times Pete! Persistence definitely paying off, and we love your attitude towards what you are achieving!

Another shooter showing a calm presence and having a very promising future in the sport is young Hermione Burns, who shot her first competitive DTL 25 straight on Sunday at such a young age! Much more to come from this young lady!! Well done Hermione!!

Saturday’s registered shoot proved a success with 18 shooters entering. Well done to John Bradnam who came up from Somerset to top the pile with a 99/295.

Lots of new and upcoming shooters practising at the ground now too, which is always very welcome.

High Gun on Sunday was always going to go to whoever could prevail in the difficult windy and wintery conditions, and stalwart Dave Toomer proved once again that he has the steel to deal with any conditions, taking the Caledonian Trophy for High Gun with99/295. Top stuff Dave!!

Steve Janes took AA class, missing out on High Gun by a point on 99/294. Terrific Steve!

The progressively upcoming Shaun Pullman won A class with a superb 99/293, the first half of which was with a perfect 50/150… there is definitely more to come from this shooter!!

B Class was won by Ian King with 98/289, another terrific score in difficult conditions, well done Ian!

However the Club’s B class trophy was won by Kevin Morley, whose shooting has been a little inconsistent of late, but today saw him perform solidly to finish with 97/283. Top stuff Kevin!

As previously mentioned, Peter Wilcox shot a personal best 98/284 to pick up the trophy for C class.

We love seeing people achieving and developing! Anyone who comes to our ground, if you have something to shout about, we will help you raise your voice! It is fabulous to see people improving, developing, and most importantly… ENJOYING their sport.

Thank you all for your support… and the banter!