1st/2nd September 2018

Shoot Reports and Full Results

Perfect weather and perfect targets led to some wonderful scores and a few personal bests.

As usual, the clays were set through the hoop both days, so no arguments over what was being offered to shoot at!!

And to be fair, every shooter took their challenge without complaint, which is as it should be.

Saturday’s registered shoot had another good turnout, with 16 entries.

There was a three way tie at the top of the leaderboard, Experienced shooters Brian Vass and Nicky Waghorne being joined by a relative newbie in Nick Haley on 294.

Two hundred straights and three 99’s showed the targets were good

Sunday came and so did the shooters, enjoying what was on offer target wise. The weather was a joy, and the shooting skills were a pleasure to watch.

High Gun was John Butler with a brilliant third consecutive 100 straight at Bisley, finishing on 100/297

AA class was won by the ever steady DaveToomer with 100/296. Great consistency Dave!!

A Class winner was Jerry Ayshford with a superb 99/296.

B class was won by Peter Fraser with an excellent 99/293
And C class was won by Ron Hutchins with a superb 96/286.

A special mention to Nick Haley, who shot his first ever competitive 100 straight on Sunday. A shooter who is one to watch with his real competitive streak! Well done Nick!!

And a quick shout out to Neil Farquarson and Ron Hutchings who both shot their first 25 straight on Sunday. Well done to you both!

An extra special mention to Russell Wasley. Russell has struggled a little at times with his shooting, but his persistence paid off, culminating in his first 25 straight on Saturday. Rewarding for him and great to watch. Well done Russell!! More to come!!

Thank you also to Kevin, Bill, Janine, Dave and Tim for your help today! And to our Bernadette for looking after the catering facilities today!