About BGC

Founded in 1923, Bisley Gun Club is dedicated to Down The Line Clay Target Shooting

Whether you are a Novice or an Experienced Shooter a warm welcome awaits you

Becoming a member of Bisley Gun Club, one of the oldest Down The Line Clubs in the Country, is a privilege and honour.  Our membership is limited to 100 full members which include Life and Honorary Members.  New Shooters and lapsed Members who wish to be considered for Bisley Gun Club membership must shoot at least three times at a registered Saturday or Sunday shoot before being proposed and seconded by fully paid up members of the Club and the application form then submitted for approval by the Club Secretary.  

Only current members of the CPSA will be allowed to shoot at Bisley Gun Club registered shoots and their current CPSA membership card must be presented on shoot entry.

The annual membership subscription is renewable on or before 1st January and runs until 31 December. The cost is £65 for Seniors/Veterans and £45 for Juniors/Colts.  New members may join throughout the year.  A Saturday Only Membership at a cost of £45 is also available which will cover Target Only entries and practice rounds.