20th/21st October 2018

Shoot Reports and Full Results


October normally has a chilly feel to it, but this weekend felt closer to summer. Beautiful sunshine and calm.

Saturday’s registered shoot saw relative novice at this sport Lee Knight show an incredible poise and professionalism to post a stunning 99/296. Stunning, as this is only the third time Lee has shot this discipline!! Well done Lee!!

Paul Cannon took second spot, consistent as ever with a fine 98/290.

Sunday’s weather was very calm too, and as such, the targets were perfect to shoot at.

Tony Dore picked up High Gun, and the Sussex Trophy, with a very near perfect 99/297, missing only his first target on his last round. Brilliant shooting Tony!

AA was won by Dave Toomer, pipped by a point on 100/296. Steady as ever Dave!

Reg Vickers was the A Class winner with a fine 98/293. Great shooting Reg!

In B Class we had joint winners in Bob Clarke and Nicola Heron, who posted excellent scores of 97/287 and 98/287 respectively…. that 25/75 is going to happen VERY soon Nicola!!!

Ron Hutchins and Alan Tibbles jointly won C class, well done and well shot both of you!!

We have a great team at Bisley, special thanks to all!! Kevin Morley, Bill Logan, Janine Wiltshire, Mick Kirby, Dave Toomer, Neil Young, you are all really appreciated!

Just to finish, it is always nice to see young talent coming through in this sport, and to see such young shooters take to the sport so comfortably and take it all in their stride is amazing and educational! Young teaching old! Who would have thought?!!

Well done young Rhys Clark, George and Charlie Madden, great scores!

Thank you all once again!