3rd/4th November 2018

Shoot Reports and Full Results


It really feels at times as though we have an extended family here at Bisley, so much warmth and enjoyment! Everyone gels and bounces off each other, it is such a good feeling!

Some great scores too this weekend…. mocks some recent suggestions…. hmm!

Our small group of shooters on Saturday was topped by Paul Cannon, with 97/288. It keeps progressing Paul, well done!

Sunday saw us engulfed by a plethora of Gloucestershire shooters, a fantastic bunch, who dotted the leader board well too… despite the odd impatient shooter ( I will keep that reasonably quiet… lol!) but if any one needs reason to use such info, I may be able to spill, LOL!

We had 3 100 straights on Sunday, the best of which was Jerry Ayshford’s superb 100/299 to take High Gun. Brilliant Jerry, just brilliant!

Dave Toomer took AA with another top performance with 100/298. Consistent as ever Dave, just that last round taking the spoils away.
But we know you have that bit between your teeth and the trophies are not far away again!

Paul Cannon gets another mention, his consistency finding him top of the A class pile with another superb score of 99/294. Brilliant Paul!

Pete Wilcox has shown steady progress, and is now topping the B class pile fairly regularly, again shooting well today to top his class with a steady 95/283. Well done Pete!

C class was won by Sue Tippett, another of our hikers from Gloucestershire, with a superb 97/282…. don’t ask her about patience though… lol!!

Couple of special mentions, Russell Wasley shot his first ever 25 straight! Congratulations Russell!!

And Simon Darch shot his first 100 straight at Bisley!! Well done Simon!!

Such good shooting all round! Thank you all for your support!

Thank you too, Mick, Bill, Kevin, Janine, Dave, Tim, Caroline.

Love our Bisley family!!